happy people play pickleballThere is a large group of enthusiastic and dedicated pickleball players in the Battlefords area. We are of varying ages and skill levels, but we all LOVE the game.

We play indoors at the NationsWEST Field House and outdoors at the Centennial Park tennis courts in North Battleford.

The Battlefords Pickleball Club was incorporated in 2018.  Its purpose is to facilitate the growth of pickleball in the Battlefords area for the enjoyment, health and social engagement of all players by offering organized recreational and competitive play, and by ensuring opportunities for the continued development of all players in a collegial and sportsmanlike environment.

The BPC Board Members are:
Adele Perrett
Carol Oke
Debbie Iwanchuk
Niel Pentz
Rob Squair
Vanitha Moodley
Zelda Marshall